118 college girls were provided learning opportunities through training workshops

On account of limited practical exposure to outside world, prevailing patriarchy and religious norms, majority of young girls in Pakistan tend to be inflicted with negative social myths, believing themselves as second grade creature inferior to men and meant for servility to menfolk. Although women and girls in cities and urban areas of Pakistan are trying resist anti-women atmosphere, but for less educated girls/women, particularly in rural areas; it is still a long way to go. They are in need of external help and assistance to break those popular myths and empower themselves.

Keeping in view the above stated facts, WISE address the social and religious myths surrounding and controlling the female bodies and their persons. And this is not possible without organizing and educating the young girls in order to lay down the foundation for well-informed and empowered future women, who could be able to understand their bodies and persons and assert their rights without fear.

Help grooming of female leadership at early stage is vital for future women leadership. WISE organized residential training courses for young girls. Over all 118 college girls were provided learning opportunities through these training workshops focusing issues like; Gender equality, sexual harassment, safeguarding, and career counseling and leadership skills.