WISE Introduction

Established in 2011, WISE  (Women in Struggle for Empowerment) is a young and dynamic women-led organization, determined to help bring about social change in how women and girls are valued in their communities. In a short period of time it has done significant work around women human rights in Pakistan. Registered under Societies Act 1860 as Non-Governmental Organization, WISE is dedicated to protect and promote social, political, economic rights for women with focus on Gender, Labor, Governance, and Human Rights in Pakistan.

WISE is an all-women's group of like-minded people, united on the basis of shared vision of gender justice. Its leadership comprises women rights activists, with background of active struggle for social justice and women empowerment in Pakistan. WISE team enjoys versatile experience in women mobilization & organization, advocacy & lobbying for women and human rights related campaigns, actions and struggles.

WISE strength lies in close networking with women struggles and movements at grassroots, national, regional and international level. We also believe in struggling and politicizing all human rights thus working closely with marginalized groups, religious, ethnic minorities and vulnerable sections of society.


A just and violence-free society where women and human beings enjoy equity and equal rights, avail economic, social and political opportunities with full freedom and have capacity to exercise their rights.


Act together for protection and promotion of women human rights in order to change society in favor of women through education, awareness, organization and building synergy among human right groups, women and their movements.


Putting women in the forefront of development paradigms, which is prerequisite for any positive social change. There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as the one, which involves women as central players.


  • Organize, educate women and synergize their struggles for their socio-economic and political rights.
  • Enhance and strengthen women's capacity to claim their human rights and countering violations
  • Eradication of gender-based discrimination, customary practices that deny women advancement, opportunities and access to resources.
  • Advocacy and lobbying for pro-women programs, policies, laws and implementation of women related existing laws.
  • Counseling and legal assistance to women victims of violence, torture and sexual harassment and respond to the rights and needs of individual women