Floods 2014: A colossal failure of state authorities

September 18th 2014

The flood 2014 in Pakistan is the fifth in series of floods after floods in 1973, 1988, 1992 and 2010. This time late monsoon rains hitting earlier September unleashed terrific floods in central Punjab. Swollen rivers, particularly Chenab breached floodwalls, sweeping away thousands of villages and the govt. despite warning of Met office turned a deaf ear, putting the people at the mercy of the calamity. The untamed rivers have wreaked havoc on the lives of people.... 


“Honor” – A free social license for killing women!

May 28th 2014

In yet another gory incident, a young woman was stoned to death in broad day light by her own family members in the premises close to Lahore High Court on 27 May 14. She kept on crying, imploring the crowd of onlookers to save her, but passersby and police preferred to remain silent spectators and let her die in the middle of the road. It was a horrific cold-blooded murder committed in most barbaric fashion by none other but family members of the girl. ... 


With lives at stake against child marriages in Pakistan

May 8th 2014

Marriages with minors - under 18 - is a violation of the new legislation adopted by Parliament in Sindh province in southern Pakistan. The bill was approved after two years of regular pressure from social movements, despite threats and warnings from religious extremists. Feminist Perspectives talked to one of the women\'s rights activists behind the news. About 40 percent of marriages in today\'s Pakistan is child marriage, says women\'s rights activist Bushra Khaliq... 


No more child brides! Bravo Sindh Assembly took the daring lead

May 5th 2014

The provincial assembly of Sindh has took the daring lead on 28th April 2014, that deserves appreciation for becoming Pakistan’s first elected assembly to have passed a bill restraining child marriages under 18 years. The passage of the bill has come on the heels of controversy that was triggered after the council of Islamic Ideology (CII) had ruled that prohibition of underage marriage was un-Islamic. The new law would go a long way to help reducing ... 


Civil society resolves to form alliance against State torture in custody

October 20th 2011

LAHORE: By law torture in police custody and law enforcement agencies is no crime in Pakistan. A broad based civil society alliance against Torture and ill Treatment should be formed in Pakistan in order to better protect the rights of the victims and to pressurize the government to enact law against torture and ill treatment in line with UN Convention Against Torture (CAT). This was resolved here at a consultation meeting, chaired by I.A. Rehman... 


Call for Debt Audit Commission to dig out illegitimate loans

October 14th 2011

LAHORE: “Debt continues to weigh down Pakistan, preventing it from being able to break out the endless cycle of poverty and injustice. Although Pakistan has ended SBA agreement With IMF, yet it is not out of woods. Debt scenario is getting bad to worse. The public debt has soared by a whopping Rs.120 billion just between July 1, 2011 to-date in the wake of depreciation of Pak currency against US $. The country’s public debt has risen to Rs. 11 trillion... 


Women continue struggle to rebuild life & livelihood

August 5th 2011

One year ago during the month of July/August, the floodwaters that ravaged southern parts of Pakistan have long receded. Though gone are the makeshift tent camps on roadsides but revival of normal life and livelihood still remain a challenge. Thousands continue a daily struggle to support their families and re-establish livelihoods. As a new monsoon season is on full swing, last year’s trauma and economic pain still linger. While last year’s victims struggle to recover... 


World March of Women May Day Rally in Lahore

May 1st 2011

LAHORE: “Pakistan's informal sector has grown about 20 percent in the last one decade, giving rise to exploitation of poor workers, especially home-based women workers by the business class. The informal sector workers are invisible, highly vulnerable and at the mercy of middlemen, contractors and sub-contractors. Millions of workers are engaged in informal economy and their wages are shamefully low. Government must provide social protection to these workers.... 


Plight of the women workers in informal sector

April 26th 2011

Women’s labor rights particularly in the informal sector have long been neglected and almost remained invisible having no access to labor rights or other social security schemes while private investors are only interested in doubling profits at the cost of these workers. Looking at the reasons of increase in home-based work, we come to know that process of liberalization in late 1980s has resulted in increasing informalization and casualisation in the labor market and spawned a huge growth in ... 


Pakistan: Politicization of Reproductive Health/Sexual Health Aid

April 15th 2011

The issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Pakistan is very important, and can be assessed from three interrelated perspectives: women’s social status, state priorities and donors’ agenda. As a traditional patriarchal, as well as feudal and tribal society, Pakistan harbors strong values on issues regarding family, sexuality, SRHR and gender relations. The state of SRHR in Pakistan cannot be understood without Islamic, social and cultural norms ... 


Women Rights Activists Support Devolution of Women Development Ministry

April 12th 2011

LAHORE: 12th April, 2011: The gender experts, women rights activists from different parts of the country have jointly supported the devolution of the Ministry of Women Development in the light of the 18th constitutional Amendment. Over 20 representatives of various women organizations, at a meeting organized under the banner of Pakistan chapter of World March of Women (WMW) here , Tuesday, while discussing this issue women rights activists said... 


Pakistan’s Journey Back to Dark Ages?

January 30th 2011

The recent verdict of a lower court, sentencing a Christian woman to death in a blasphemy case and consequent murder of Punjab Governor who supported the imprisoned woman, has put forth the very vital question-weather Pakistani society has become intolerant, violent and extremist to the point of incorrigible. The Asia Bibi case was occurred in June 2009 in Pakistan's Punjab province when a group of female Muslim laborers complained that Asia Bibi... 


Flood-hit : Women Take Up the Challenge

September 1st 2010

As flood waters are receding in areas of Kot Addu, the shifting from camps to villages is going to start. After spending two to three weeks in relief camps and experiencing untold miseries, some families have started returning to their ravaged villages only to find their houses collapsed partially or completely. People are seen walking back on foot, cycles, tractor trolleys and donkey carts, loaded with usable items; like empty water cans, boxes, some ration as well as animals, goats ... 


Deconstructing Burqa

July 29th 2010

On 13 Jul, 2010 the parliament of France, on the eve of Bastille Day, voted 335 to one in favor of preventing Muslim women wearing a full face-covering veil in public. According to French daily, Le Monde, the new law was strongly supported by the right, while Socialist Party, Communist Party and Green Party abstained. According to the new law anyone who chooses to wear a face covering on religious grounds now faces a fine of 150 Euros or a “citizenship course”. ... 


Rising Extremism, War on Terrorism and Women Lives in Pakistan

February 15th 2010

Sixty two years ago at the time of Pakistan’s birth in 1947 as a result of partition of United India, the majority of the population in this part of the world was not fundamentalist. The state structures, though weak, nevertheless had chances to grow as a democratic country but on account of repeated interferences by Military regimes, the state started adopting Islamic ideology, giving maximum space to religious extremist forces to promote their non-democratic agenda ... 


Peasants Movement in no Mood to disappear.......

January 12th 2010

On 10th January 2010, Anjumn Mazareen Punjab (AMP) (Punjab Tenants Organization) organized a public meeting in Renala Kurd, 100 km from Lahore, to commemorate the 8th death anniversary of Muhammad Basher Ahmad Shaheed, the first martyr among 11 of the movement. He was killed by Rangers in 2002. The meeting was arranged in open venue, decorated with red flags. Over 3000 tenants, men women and children were present there braving chilly, windy and foggy weather. ... 


Pakistani women are worst hit by climate change

October 26th 2009

Pakistan is among the countries which will be hit hardest in near future by effects of climate change even though it contributes only a fraction to global warming. The country is witnessing severe pressures on natural resources and environment. This warning has recently come from the mouth of Pakistan’s prime minister in a recent statement. The PM has alarmed the countrymen by disclosing that Pakistan is the 12th most vulnerable country in the world, to environmental degradation... 


Women Voices from Inside IDPs Camps in Mardan

April 24th 2009

With the deepening crisis in valley of Swat, more and more displaced families are pouring in Mardan, Swabi, Peshawar and other areas of Pakhtunkhawa. Though independent media and state now confirm over 1.5 million people are displaced from Swat as a result of 3rd military operation against Taliban in less than two years. But the exact number is believed at 2 million as hundreds of families are waiting yet to be registered.... 


Women Peasants’ Heroic Struggle: Coining New Gender Relations

April 22nd 2009

The tenants’ movement is heading towards its natural peak after making unprecedented records of sacrifices and bravery for the last 9 years. Over one million tenants are in peaceful but militant struggle against the large military owned companies (Military Farms, Army Welfare Trust and Punjab Seed Corporation) over the control of 68,000 acres of highly cultivable land which tenants are tilling for the last 100 years.... 


World Social Forum Belem ------ Globalizing gender solidarity

January 5th 2009

On 29th of January 2009, the fully packed Belem’s Rural University gymnasium was resounded with gender slogans by women activists when four male presidents of Latin America declared themselves as “feminists”. Led by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Ecuador’s Rafeel Correa and Paraguay’s Ferdinand Lugo these men asserted that “no socialism without feminism” adding that we all are true feminists....