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Deepening Democracy through Local Governance

WISE has been promoting Democracy through local governance at grass roots level since 2015 in collaboration with National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in the districts of Lahore and Sheikhupura. During the 2018-19, WISE undertook activities focusing capacity building of the local councilors, nurturing community women leadership and members of community-based vigilance committees through capacity building trainings to enhance their knowledge and skills to promote democracy at grass roots level. Advocacy seminars and stakeholders’ consultations with regard to the efficacy of the local governance were also organized involving LG officials, elected LG representatives, academia, members of civil society and the media joined these activities.

  • 58 women trained through 4 Leadership Training Workshops
  • 30 women got trained through 4 political schools
  • 118 young girls trained through 3 residential training courses
  • 68 women activists participated in 2 provincial conferences
  • 448 male and female participated in 12 community level seminars
  • 150 councilors attended 4 forums
  • 34 media persons, reporters attended the 2 media forums
  • 204 male and female participated in 4 stakeholders Consultations
  • 535 people attended 2 Democracy Day Seminars
  • 120 female vigilance Committee members attended 2 training workshops
  • 50 women councilors trained through 2 training workshops
  • 45 councilors, trained on LG system through 2 training workshops
  • 735 people attended the seminar and meetings under Voters Education Campaign