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Women CNIC and voter Registration

WISE has been working in District Nankana Sahib since 2017 to reduce the male-female voter deficit by reaching out to areas where women generally do not have NICs. Under this context, to reduce the male-female voter deficit and increase their political participation by reaching out to areas where women do not tend to register their NICs, WISE started a campaign in District Nankana Sahib in collaboration initially with Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability (TDEA) and later on with Oxfam.

A range of stakeholders including government departments, especially ECP, NADRA and Local Government Department, political parties’ representatives, local influential and District Voter Education Committee were taken on board to carry out “Women NIC & Voter Registration Campaign” from November 2017 to April 2020.

  • 35,873 eligible women were identified, listed and facilitated for CNIC
  • 21,745 unregistered women were get registered with NADRA and ECP.
  • 240 coordination meetings were organized with Officials of ECP, NADRA, Local Government Department, District Voter Education Committee               and political parties’ representatives.
  • Besides door to door visits over 2000 community mobilization activities were also organized.
  • Over a dozen consultative meetings and policy forums were arranged.