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WISE 10 Year's Celebration

Harassment Awareness Volunteer Program - Outreach

Harassment Awareness Volunteer Program - Seminars

Harassment Awareness Volunteer Program - Trainings

Orientation to Govt Official on Sexual Harassment

Strengthening Safeguarding Policies & Practice

Training of Female Journalists of Safeguarding

Deepening Democracy through Local Governance

Strengthening Women Political Leadership in Local Governance System

Women NIC & Voter Registration

Advocacy & Lobbing Meetings

Awareness Sessions

International Domestic Workers Day

Women Domestic Workers Union

Enabling Civic Spaces for Feminist Actions in Pakistan

Women's Voices and Leadership - Pakistan

16 Days of Activism 2022

16 Days of Activism 2021

16 Days of Activism 2020

Demon on 16 Day of Activism 2022

Demon on 16 Day of Activism 2021

Aurat March 2022

Aurat March 2021

Aurat March 2020

Aurat March 2019

International Women Day 2022

International Women Day 2021

International Women Day 2019

International Women Day 2018

International Women Day 2017

International Women Day 2014

AASHA 10 Year Celebration

National Working Women Day 2022

National Working Women Day 2020

National Working Women Day 2018

National Working Women Day 2015

Girls on Wheel

Women Cyclothon

Young Girl's Trainings

COVID-19 Response