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WISE hosted a seminar urging Gender Equality in Political Representation for General Election 2024

WISE organized a public seminar addressing “Women Political Representation & Electoral Participation” at the Lahore Press Club in anticipation of the upcoming General Elections 2024. The event garnered substantial attendance from women political workers and activists. Distinguished speakers included Salman Abid, a renowned writer and political analyst, Shahnawaz Khan, Director of SPO, Sajid Ali, Coordinator of Shah Hussain Regional Network, Sher Ali Khalti, a respected journalist, and Bushra Khaliq, Executive Director of WISE. The speakers passionately advocated for political parties to allocate 5% of tickets to women candidates in compliance with the law. Emphasizing that women’s meaningful political participation is a fundamental prerequisite for free, fair, and transparent elections, gender equality, and genuine democracy. They urged the importance of narrowing the gender gap in voter lists to achieve greater gender equality in electoral participation