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Women’s Voice and Leadership – Pakistan

The ongoing three- year project was launched in 2019, in collaboration with Oxfam Pakistan. The activities under this project fundamentally contribute to WISE ongoing work to prepare women and young girls for leadership positions. The shades of interventions correspond not only to gender just programing, but to bring transformation of role in the lives of targeted women and girls. 

The project aims at promoting gender justice, developing transformative women leadership and celebrating diversity with focus on women political participation, empowerment of women and young girls and supporting GBV Survivors. The project interventions are driven by the guiding feminist principals for a gender just organization. 


Transformative journey towards a gender Just Organization:

  • 100 % women in WISE Board & 80% female staff
  • 83% of salary’s budget goes to the female staff
  • Internship & Employment and to 18 young girls
  • Female led Admin & Finance Departments 
  • Gender Responsive Budgeting & Planning 
  • Programs are centric around Feminist Principles 
  • Gender & Minority Inclusion 
  • Sensitization of staff on Feminist Principles

Change in lives of the people after joining WVL-P

  • Imparted training on ‘Safeguarding’ to 267 women includes journalists, teachers, and young girls, who further reached out to the 1156 students and young girls. 
  • Facilitated 1103 women’s NICs and voter registration.
  • 1450 women and young girls get rights awareness through project activities/ International Days 
  • Monitored & data compiled based on documented 74 incidents of violence against domestic workers in Punjab from January 2019 to March 2021
  • Connected 250 women & girls at grass root level to strengthen women’s rights agenda through formation of 10 Aurat Akaths (Women Reflect Centers).
  • Gender & Equity Based COVID Response (280 household,1644 Beneficiaries) 

Institutional Building:

  • Acquired Certification from Pakistan Center for Philanthropy and Punjab Charity Commission. 
  • Upgraded Organizational Policies, Strategic Plan, Organizational Resource Mobilization Plan.
  • Enhanced Resource Mobilization
  • Strengthened Internal Audit and Financial Systems. 
  • Build E- Archive based on WISE 10 Year’s work
  • Health & Life Insurance, Provident Fund, Employees Old Age Benefits, Annual Retreat

Creating Women Friendly Spaces & Transforming Young Leadership

  • Provided employment to 8 young girls
  • Provided internship to 19 young girls
  • Promotion of interns to middle level position
  • Virtual Cafe to connect young girls and women, providing them the opportunity to discuss and share their success stories, new learning, and common issues
  • Girls on Wheel: 04 Female Staff members acquired learning driving license, scooty training and riding bikes on road
  • GLPiers: Two staff members from WISE attended a 3 week-long training ‘Gender Leadership Program. (Taking lead as moderator/facilitator)

Staff Self and Collective Care:

  • Productive Health and Life Insurance, Provident Fund, Employees Old Age Benefits to Staff.
  • Psych- Socio Well Being, Annual Retreat and Flexible Working hours for parents.
  • Mandatory signing of ‘’ CODE of Conduct’’ for all employees. 
  • Safe transportation to women staff  
  • Flexible working hours to working parents 
  • Established Complaint Mechanism